*But happend difficulties

That's it, no excuses are accepted here.

I must start even though I may feel embarrassed for mistakes, grammatically or in vocabulary.
I know in the beginning it is impossible to write about everything that I like to and it will not get as good as it should. The major problem is I'm unable to explain my feelings and thoughts even in Persian, which I see dreams by it, without misunderstanding by readers; now I want to explain them in English that I don't even know my feeling's words and phrases. Along my bloging I wanted to say something and the readers got it in complete opposite way.

It was not like doing nothing at all. During past days, was trying to think in English. I confess first sentences seamed easy that made me so glad and proud of my skill! but when they came to deep thinking,evaluating or analyzing and making any conclusion of events and thoughts, I had a big lack of words. Of course translating can help me through this but it is not what I want. I like to write directly in English just like what I do for scientific text.

By writing last sentence I remember first time I was going to study scientific text in English when I was practicing for master course test. As for a beginner, I translated from English and compare it with my Persian references. In this way I confused the concepts. Then I came to a solution. I tried to forget all of my knowledge and start to study them in English. The result was shocking. IT became even more simple when you read it from origin sources and not from those bad translating books we studied in Iran.
Now I am trying same strategy here. I hope it can help me to think and understand in English not just bring it to my native language.

Wow! I could do it. Not so bad for first post!

*Taken from one of Nazli jan titles.
ارسال یک نظر