Old friends taste like Gaz

Ignore th sleeping time of today which was with Sam's screaming for milk or stomach ache or so on, my day started with a beautiful sunrise after a rainy night. Having a quick breakfast with Sam and came out for several things to do in the morning then I came to the Lab.. Just like many other people, well people like me!, I started to check my emails, mine and Sam's weblogs, read news titles , read my favorite weblogs and leave comments on some of them and check my orkut and facebook profiles.

I found a new invitation in my orkut profile from one of my very old friend who I have not visited more than 10 years. She and I(and some bloggers you may know) were classmates since elementary school. Suddenly I found some more old people there who we used to go parties and hanging around. Some of them were my friends boyfriends and I remember all of those teenage dramas. School time was a very memorable time only because of my friends. Every time I can see one of them I become deeply happy by remembering time when we were in the center of the world. It is true that common things have been faded during past years and our worlds are completely different and also it is true that I have more to share with my new friends. But also it is true that nothing is comparable with old ones.

I can compare the new and old friend with new style sweets and special Iranian candies. If I want to have sweets everyday I prefer it to be a new style ones which is closer to my recent taste. But having old fashioned-traditional ones, like Gaz, Baklava,..., are full of a good feeling nostalgia taste and having them now and then would make my day sweet and happy.

P.s: That was strange that I had a dream about some of my 20-years-ago friends and events two nights ago and now I found many of them and remember many memories.

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