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بعد از مدتها از یکی از دوستان آمریکاییم که همیشه با هم کلی در مورد مذهب و سیاست حرف میزنیم ایمیل داشتم.
یه تیکه از ایمیلش رو میذارم اینجا شاید برای کسی از خواننده های اینجا جالب باشه شنیدن نطر مردم عادی آمریکا خارج از فیلتر رساناها.
ایشون یه خانوم که associate professor تو دپارتمان زبان هست و چیزی حدود بیست سال تفاوت سنی داریم.

من با اومدن به اینجا یاد گرفتم که میشه با آدمهای با تفاوت سنی بالا ،چه کم چه زیاد، هم دوست شد.

And how is your mother?! Every time I see Iran in the
headlines I cringe because of the AWFUL president and
his "court" of MY country, but next I wonder how your
Mom and others of your friends and family are faring
these days? It sounds not pleasant to go about daily
life in Teheran right now. Or is the news, as usual,
conveying a seriously unbalanced picture of life there?

I find myself wishing GWB would have a heart attack
or something, but then one has to remember that the
next in line is Cheney, and that would probably be
even worse. The very worst thing is that it's increasingly
clear the U.S. is no democracy at all but a plutocracy;
the Democrats will weasel around and do nothing,
either. They are beholden to the same one-sided

So here we sit, in our tiny spot of the world and the
universe. May your immediate surroundings of daily
life be meaningful, joyful, and loving! Have a fine
weekend, whatever the weather...

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